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Now Available: Augmented Reality

If you’ve spent some time with the Capsule team, you would have noticed our abundant fascination with games, augmented reality and anything kids. In the last 17 years we’ve worked with Fisher-Price, Mattel and helped launch a variety of other kid-focused products and brands. This has fed our desire for more interesting ventures in these spaces.

Our newest client, SwapBots, has all the bits of a great story coming together. Buy a set of characters, download the free app, build your characters and then battle your neighbor or a random kid across the world.

If you’ve tried Pokemon Go, you’ve already walked into the augmented reality world. It has so many fascinating possibilities, so much so this writer wonders when augmented reality will just be reality. In some sense, because we only see what we can process, we’re already there. But that’s a rabbit hole we don’t need to follow.

If the mother of invention is necessity then the father of invention is delight. As it were, the founding story includes a desire to give some delightful moments to their kids.

“Being a father to three young boys has driven my desire to create a toy that comes to life. The gap in the market was easily identified by spotting flaws in the toys-to-life genre, which includes Skylanders and iPad apps.” ~ John Keefe, Co-Founder SwapBots

The Capsule team, as always, goes deep into the characters - asking a trainload of curious questions about inspiration, character personalities, game play, etc. We can't get enough of the founder's stories and the genius thinking behind these bots. If you’d like to come visit and see how the project is progressing, please reach out. If you’re interested in meeting these inventive brits, we’re happy to facilitate a conversation when they’re in town. They are a joy to meet, discuss games, and swap stories about the challenges of launching a new venture.

We have been working with new ventures since our founding. Every time we find new ways to reduce the risk of taking something to market and this is no exception. For more information on how Capsule works with new ventures, reach out to Kitty Hart.

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