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Capsule Seeks Senior Digital Designer

Forget walking and chewing gum at the same time, Capsule needs someone who takes design to an acrobatic level, simultaneously balancing dreaming, thinking and doing on a trapeze of multiple projects and tight timelines. Currently, Capsule is seeking an individual who not only can design as outlined above but also thrives on constructing new realities in the digital realm.

We’re seeking a contract digital designer that will apply Capsule’s proven design process to the digital frontier. This designer is not only an expert in sitemaps, wireframes, UX and UI, but is capable of guiding web design projects from start to finish. This individual has an eye for aesthetics and references best practices and current trends in visual design. This intrepid explorer must understand how to use creative problem solving, design and elevated common sense to produce layouts, assets and tools that are intuitively understood, while demonstrating the ability to steer digital travelers through their creations using effective human-centered design.

Did you read the above without collapsing into a nervous breakdown? Take the next step and read the full job description, here.

Please apply to Sarah Day at

Please, no phone calls or drop-ins.

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