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Capsule 18: Favorite Spots in Our Neighborhood

In celebration of turning 18 this year, the Capsule team takes a look at some of the things we have learned on our journey to adulthood.

This week, we are taking a look in our own backyard to pay appreciation to the great businesses, eateries, and trails old and new that make our neighborhood wonderful. Here's 18 beloved spots in the North Loop.

18. Kado No Mise

The freshness and simplicity of Kado No Mise's interior aesthetic mirrors the freshness, simplicity and delicacy of their Japanese dishes. A Capsule takeaway lunch favorite, this new Japanese restaurant is welcomed to the neighborhood with open arms.

17. Mitrebox Framing Studio

Mitrebox's welcoming atmosphere and quirky gifts make it one of our favorite places in our North Loop neighborhood. The owner, Sara, is often there to greet you with a smile and a warm welcome. Their patio in back is open to all and is the perfect place to find some piece and quiet away from the bustle of Washington. "This great local framing store is a fun place to pop in over your lunchbreak. They have a small but delightful selection of greeting cards, art prints, tchotchkes, jewelry and more. I always find something that gives me a chuckle or inspires the designer in me," said designer, Kayla.

16. Bachelor Farmer Cafe

The Bachelor Farmer Cafe is a second office space to many of us here who like to step away from our desks and grab a cup of coffee or treat ourselves to an afternoon snack while we work (the donuts are a must-try and signature moment of the brand). Some of our best ideas have spawned in this cafe, including much of our Managing Principal Aaron Keller's book, The Physics of Brand. From a design standpoint, the space's bright geometric patterned walls and signature X floor tiling pair perfectly with the simple marble and deep wood countertops, and clean open barista counter. We might be biased, having worked on BFC's branding identity, but we think this cafe is the perfect addition to our neighborhood.

15. The Hewing Hotel

Also newer to the neighborhood, but no less welcome is the beautifully designed Hewing Hotel. "Beyond the historic brick exterior and locally-inspired hotel rooms, the Hewing's lobby is a warm, beautiful, welcoming space to settle down and get some work done or get a drink," says designer, Kayla. Beth, another designer adds, "this hotel was designed with the nuances of the midwestern aesthetic in mind, and is meant to represent the location it was built in. Beautifully done, it feels like a northwoods getaway with an urban bent."

14. James I Rice Parkway Trail

We're lucky to be located just blocks from the Mississippi River with an adjacent beautiful parkway path. One of our account managers, Sarah, loves taking a break during the day to refresh her mind and enjoy fresh air with a walk along the beautiful scenery right in our backyard.

13. Whole Foods

We love and frequent Whole Foods. It’s a feast for the senses and a great place to take 15 minutes to see what new and interesting products are on the shelves.

12. The Foundry

Once a brass and metal foundry, The Foundry is an iconic North Loop structure and artisanal home goods shop and we're excited to see what comes of its most recent renovations that are currently underway. "Everything is carefully curated by owner Anna Hillegass and I always find something new and interesting there. Anna’s sensibility tends toward simple, beautiful and useful. The shop atmosphere is enhanced by excellent helpful staff and two chocolate labs, Ruby and Turnip. Both dogs are in the shop most days, happy to greet you and accept attention. Anna and her staff put on a mixer in front of The Foundry most Thursday evenings in the summer. The mixers feature a house made drink of the day created by Anna and whatever someone happens to bring by for everyone to munch on. Bringing something is not required, in fact, it’s barely encouraged. The point is to bring yourself and mix with whoever else shows up that evening. It’s a great way to meet people who work and live in the neighborhood." - Dave, Account Manager

11. Stone Arch Bridge

"I get inspiration from walking the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail. The signature feature of this trail is the Stone Arch Bridge, which is the only one of its kind over the Mississippi River connecting Saint Paul and the East Bank Mills in Minneapolis. Stunning views and history abound, all in walking distance from the North Loop." - Brian Adducci, Creative Principal

10. The Capsule Kitchen Table

One of the most unique aspects of Capsule that really speaks to the tight knit bunch we are is the Capsule kitchen table. Ellen, our marketing/new business intern remembers walking up to Capsule on my first day and peering in the window to see this beautiful kitchen and seeing our design team gathered around a project, later to find out everyone also gathers at this table each day for lunch. "Eating lunch together is one of the best parts of the day. I also love sitting here in the morning and feeling the warmth of the sunlight through the windows," she said. At any given time, you'll find one of us working at the kitchen table, checking out pantone colors or reviewing a presentation, having a team check-in (and sometimes enjoying a glass of wine on wine Wednesdays). So many insightful and goofy conversations shared here, it really makes us a community.

9. Martin Patrick 3

Oh the sweet smells of Martin Patrick 3. Seriously, go in there and take a wiff - so many great scents in one store. It's a great place to saunter around and marvel at the high quality exclusive Italian products they sell. Director of Client Experience, Kitty Hart adds that "the entire experience of exploring each carefully stylized pocket of the store is so pleasing - the visual merchandising is just exquisite."

8. Montaggio

The boutique home appliance store is full of European-inspired fixtures for any home and has no shortage of beautiful design - two of the main reasons why we love working next door to them.

7. Monte Carlo

Our favorite local bar. The service and patio at Monte Carlo make it our go-to place for after work happy hours.

6. Cedar Lake Bike Trail

In the early hours of the morning or evening, you may find two of our Capsulites, Rachel and Ellen commuting along this trail that is conveniently located just around the corner from Capsule. "This trail is my highway of choice to get to and from work in an efficient, sustainable and economic way," said Ellen. Rachel adds, "it's a great alternative to biking through the hustle and bustle of downtown and plus, no traffic jams!"

5. James J. Fiorentino Foundation

"One of my favorite places in North Loop is the The James J. Fiorentino Foundation, a museum of cuckoo clocks. The garage-like building (its appearance makes sense as it originally housed Fiorentino’s garage door business) is fairly nondescript. Once inside, it is filled with two levels of beautifully carved cuckoo clocks of all types with a few sundry antiques thrown in. I’ve thought of how fun it would be to slip into the building undetected, set the clocks to the same time and wind them. The calling of mechanical cuckoos coming from the building would last for days." - Dave, Account Manager

4. Moose & Sadie's

Located inside the historic Colonial Warehouse building, Moose & Sadie's is a lovely place for a mid-day caffeine break. The tiled floors and airy atmosphere provides a space for rest and space to breathe, tackle a design challenge and get outside.

3. The Capsule Library

Many of our designers like to step away from their desks to ideate and reference one of the 200+ design books we have in our Capsule library when gearing up for new projects. It's the perfect quiet and cozy little nook.

2. One on One Bike Shop

The bike enthusiasts and non-bikers alike in our office frequent the One on One Bike Shop often. Whether you are there for a warm cup of delicious soup or seeking quality bike shop-talk, you are guarenteed to find what you are looking for.

1. Aria

The former theater turned event space is one of the most beautiful venues in the Twin Cities and there's always something going on inside the walls. The industrial warehouse exterior is a sharp contrast to the chic, elegant interior fixtures, and it's always a treat to peek inside to see what is the latest happening.





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