Take16 Brewery is a hometown, homegrown brewery founded and established by the Luverne, MN community. As the foundation of the brewery was laid, the foundation of the brand was established. And as the brewery was built from the ground up, the brand was too. Capsule moved through the entire brand development process to build the brewery’s brand.

Take16 Brewing Company is where small town memories are made and a small town heritage is shared. The name honors the heritage and old town feel that is essential to the brand. Certain elements in the identity were designed to specifically reflect this legacy; the tire tracks represent the journey taken and the shield shape resembles old highway signage.

Just as a beer requires patience and careful attention to the ingredients used, a brand strategy requires thoughtful attention to brand personality, vision and values.

This humble, authentic look for the design is carried across the entire packaging system – from the bottles to the six-pack boxes to the boxes the beer is shipped in. Together, the pieces create a system that is rustic, recognizable and reminiscent of the humble honest folk they were designed for.

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