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Jennifer Jorgenson and Kevin Ryan

Think & Link: May 23rd, 3:00-5:00 pm Central (Live, Broadcast and In-Person)

May we enjoy some food, yes please.

And, we have two people who love to talk about food, innovation, and storytelling on the stage. Both are former General Mills, have recently worked together and will be likely to say something inspired about food and the surrounding systems. We are what we eat, a grade school classic bit of wisdom.

We have Jennifer Jorgenson, the CEO of Back to Nature and former GM and VP over cereal at General Mills, which I think we all know is a big freaking breakfast deal. Paired with Jennifer is Kevin Ryan, host of 3 Squares podcast, founder of Malachite Strategy and former leader at Amazon and General Mills. Also of note; Kevin Ryan’s newsletter is the intellectual nourishment anyone interested in food should be subscribed to, otherwise, you’re starving your brain.

Areas of learning from this event;

One: Innovation in our food systems, how we might make changes in our lives and our lifestyles.

Two: The challenges of innovation in large organizations and what can be done to bring back the vitality of new product development in large orgs.

Three: What do the big brands need to do in order to continue to push for sustainable practices in agriculture, food distribution, packaging and disposal.

We started Think & Link as a french-style salon, to discuss the relevant topics of the day, connect with other like-minded individuals and share our stories. Our format is a 60 minute Q&A discussion hosted by Aaron Keller of Capsule and Jessica Carlson of JLC Communications and formerly Target with questions from our audience sprinkled into the conversation.

These events are sponsored by;

Capsule, a special projects agency in Minneapolis working with brands like PepsiCo, Patagonia, Hydro Flask, Arc’teryx, Curaleaf and Kwik Trip on complex marketing, design and brand challenges.

Lake One, a modern growth and technology partner helping B2B brands navigate digital transformation across marketing, sales and customer experience.

RSP Architects, our brewery mates and the design leaders who create resilient solutions that align with client goals, foster well-being and deliver real value.

We are charging a $35 attendance fee for both virtual and in person attendees to cover our cost of food, drinks and merriment. Real intellectual stimulation for $35 is a deal nowadays.

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    May 23, 2024

    3:00 PM CDT

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