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Amir Berenjian and Travis Hoium, joined Capsule on the Think & Link stage on Thursday, May 23, 2019 to speak about their co-founded Virtual Reality Lab, REM5, and discussed the idea of "VR for all".

About the speakers

Prior to founding REM5, Amir Berenjian spent 12+ years in investment banking and corporate finance with a focus on mergers & acquisitions – BMO Capital Markets, Greene Holcomb Fisher and Chartwell Capital Solutions. He has been involved in more than 100 M&A transactions across a broad range of industries, with companies ranging from $10 million to more than $1 billion in revenue. Amir has his BSB (finance) from the Carlson School of Management.

Travis Hoium spent 8+ years writing stock market analysis and commentary for the Motley Fool where he primarily followed energy, media, technology and gaming. Prior to the Motley Fool, Travis spent 4 years at 3M where he focused on product development and project management. Travis has his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and his MBA from the Carlson School of Management.

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    May 23, 2019

    7:00 AM CDT

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    In Person, Capsule

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