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Dan Dittmer

Dan Dittmer, co-owner of Wolf Tooth Components and Otso Cycles, took the Think & Link stage in March 2017.

About the speaker
Dan is the co-owner of Wolf Tooth Components, a local supplier of specialty cycling products. Born out of a desire for faster, lighter, and more reliable bikes, Wolf Tooth brought together a team of engineers and manufacturers to increase the quality of biking in one of the top cycling cities in the U.S. It didn't take long after Wolf Tooth launched that the founders started asking themselves, "what if we made our own bikes?" A few beers and a patent-pending adjustable dropout system and frame design later, Otso Cycles was born. Named after the spirit of the bear in Finnish mythology, Otso is focused on bringing new and innovative ideas to the bike industry. The Voytek, a fat bike designed to be quicker and easier to ride than any other of its kind, has challenged the standard of what is possible in a fat bike.

In addition to co-owning Wolf Tooth Components and Otso Cycles, Dan is a long time cyclist and has competed in a wide range of competitions - from La Ruta in Costa Rica to the Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska. As a small business owner he fills many roles, from product design engineer to creative director.

Dan will be speaking on the challenges of starting two companies and the design and marketing landscape of the cycling industry.

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    March 23, 2017

    7:00 AM CDT

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    In Person, Capsule

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