Building a software startup with a wink.


Wonderly: the next generation of software. Amber Christian, owner and founder of the startup Wonderly, first approached Capsule with a desire to bring magic and awe back to software. With a core belief that software tools should be easier, Amber was inspired and fueled by human centered design. This means she develops her software in partnership with those using it as a way to ensure she solves the right problems in the best way – it’s software starting with real people and real challenges. To bring Amber’s ideas to life, Capsule moved through its brand development process – from brand strategy to name, naming structure and mark – to create a parent brand whose identity reflected an accessible, genuine, delightful and, dare we say fun, approach to software.


We turned our eyes toward the delight and utility of Amber’s software solutions in building our brand strategy. Articulating the “wow!” of a new experience was a key element of distinction in Amber’s software solutions. Through our naming process, we landed on the name Wonderly, an invented word that expresses excitement, expansiveness, and imagination. Once we established our name, we put together a naming structure for future sub-brands, ensuring the continuity across the yet to be imagined family.

The winking, Wonderly logo not only reflects a playful human gesture, but derives inspiration from elements found in code and software development, creating a whimsical, yet technical and relevant identity. The approachable typography and color palette underscore the importance of human connection and joy for the brand.


Wonderly Software Solutions underwent a successful launch in August 2018, with its first product, Bella Scena, a tool designed to improve workplace meetings. Poised to inspire more joy, Wonderly also brings its “wink” to life with playful brand applications by AskHillary's: Happy Socks, and even Chuck Taylors, yes, Chuck Taylors.

The software space is very crowded, with many new companies launched week after week. It can be very difficult to establish yourself in this space. Often names describe the products in a clinical way, without considering the emotions associated with a good brand. I needed a brand that would honor what I am building and how I am building it using human centered design. The brand had to be both fun and pragmatic at the same time, like your most fun yet trusted friend. The name Wonderly perfected captured who I aspire to be, and how I want my customers to feel when they use my software products.

Amber Christian

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