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Towerside, previously known as the University Avenue Innovation District, partnered with Capsule to secure a name and logo that would reflect the vibrancy of the area where Minneapolis and St. Paul connect. This 370-acre neighborhood, positioned for redevelopment, is the only duly designated innovation district in the Twin Cities. As a leading-edge urban community, Towerside will be a blend of developers, businesses, community residents, higher education, non-profit and government agencies.

Towerside Logo

Towerside represents a new way of thinking about a significant area of underdeveloped land in the heart of the Twin Cities. With easy access to the University of Minnesota, Prospect Park, St. Anthony Park and the Green Line LRT, Towerside is uniquely positioned at the geographic center of the Minneapolis-St. Paul interstate highway system. It is a community that brings together brewing and biotech, robotics and rain gardens, and textiles and transit.

the name

As a name, Towerside was selected for its geographic reference to the district's many existing well-known towers, while the logo projects the vibrancy and pulse that will be in this area where Minneapolis and St. Paul connect. They work together to represent a new urban district, vibrant with enthusiasm and innovation.

Towerside Logo
Towerside Logo
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