A collage of athletes biking biking and running, with Symyx-branded graphic patterns overlayed.


For years, Scivation has been known in the bodybuilding and muscle performance categories for their passionate commitment to science and research, as well as finding the best nutrients for weight-training enthusiasts. However, this market is narrow and the company’s aspirations were continuing to grow. An exclusive opportunity at Target motivated Scivation to bring a new product to market that would connect with a broader audience. To put a remarkably different health product on shelves, Scivation brought Capsule on board. Over the course of five months, we worked together to develop the name, brand, packaging and marketing strategy.

A Symyx logo design followed by word mark design.
The Name

The naming process was next, a process that is both enlightening and rigorous. The name Symyx rose to the top with balance, harmony, and symmetry at the core of the name.

Symyx beverage company's name selection and word mark design.
Three Symyx health beverage bottle designs with three flavors.
Symyx health beverage branding with yellow simply peach flavored drink bottle next to four-pack package.
Symyx Red Black Cherry Beverage Branding and packaging design with bottle next to four-pack box packaging.
Symyx's health beverage website design showcasing drink flavors and branding on computer screen, tablet and mobile phone.


"Capsule took personal pride in building our new brand from the ground up. They guided us through naming, identity, packaging and a website with a lot of passion and they were always willing to speak up and offer their expertise. They worked toward quick deadlines without sacrificing quality. The end result is like artwork; it's just beautiful." — Mike Hockenberry, CEO Scivation

Symyx beverage brand logo design in black.

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