Stahl Construction wanted to shed the un-friendly and unpleasant-to-work-with construction company stereotype. Their team, composed of engineers, project managers, field superintendents and more, do so much more than just construction, and they needed an identity that could communicate their full capabilities and their true selves with integrity. Stahl doesn’t just take the high road, they build it.

The mark, which takes on the form of a bird, establishes Stahl as a leader with a thousand foot view. They have the truly unique capacity to keep a high-level view while also maintaining a precise eye for detail. The shield shape represents Stahl’s commitment to fight for their clients and take a stance as a leader within their community. The angled edge of the wing suggests the edge of a building rising into the sky, as a nod to the industry.

The typeface and color scheme work together to communicate the essence of Stahl’s personality. The yellow and orange coloring reflects the vibrancy of the Stahl team and the fire they bring to solving each new problem, while the typeface communicates their straightforward and determined work ethic. They speak softly, but wear a hard hat.

The tagline "Lead. Inspire. Build." was developed to communicate Stahl’s broad capabilities and the lengths they are willing to go for each and every client. Their promise to fight for their clients and adhere to their timelines, budgets and desired outcomes, while also remaining agile and flexible, is what differentiates Stahl among a category known for their hard-headed nature.

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