Rethink Water

Rethink Water is the first water brand in the United States to utilize the TetraPak technology and take it to market. The carton is made of roughly 70% paperboard, a renewable resource, made from selectively harvested trees that re-grow naturally, and reverse osmosis water filtrated from community water sources.

Rethink water logo design in color on white background.
Rethink water carton package design and branding on two cartons.

The true celebration can be found in the numbers. Within the first two weeks, Rethink Water sold out entirely, pushing the brand to expand its distribution to include 250 East Coast retailers. As a result of these first month sales, Rethink Water is now stocked on shelves in over 4,000 retailers and offered in 20 states nationwide.

Rethink water branding and package design on three kids flavored water cartons.

No disrespect to MC Hammer, but...

Can Touch This.