How does an apple come to be? The University of Minnesota, the birthplace for the Honeycrisp apple, approached Capsule for a name for their new apple variety. In a family that includes Honeycrisp, Zestar!, SnowSweet, SweeTango and Frostbite, "Rave" will be the perfect staple for those early fall celebrations.

Creating a memorable, protectable name for the heir to the Honeycrisp fortune was no easy feat, and the Capsule team rose to the occasion. The name Rave captures the upbeat, cheery personality of the latest apple creation from the University of Minnesota. “Rave is a powerful brand name for apples, and one that we know will leave a lasting impression on consumers, especially after they bite into one,” said David Bedford, research scientist for the University of Minnesota apple breeding program.

“We are beyond excited about the chosen brand name of our newest star apple. The Rave apple has explosive flavor and with its early harvest timing and dessert qualities, it will reinvent the month of August for the apple category.” Roger Pepperl, Stemilt Marketing Director

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