PrairieStone Pharmacy

A four person start-up was founded in 2004 by a team of able entrepreneurs. The founders acquired the six Byerly’s and Lunds pharmacies from Fairview Corporation with the explicit goal of opening a pharmacy in all twenty-six retail locations. This is an enormous task for any company and even more adventurous for these three founders.

The PrairieStone pharmacy vertical logo design and word mark in color.
The PrairieStone horizontal logo design and word mark in color.


"Many people can do the technical parts of the branding process, what we found with Capsule was a depth of experience, ability to unearth our essence, and skill to be a critical part of our early success.” — Lew Zeidner, PrairieStone Pharmacy, Founding Partner

Byerly’s and Lunds were making a big push to have pharmacies in all twenty-six locations. Their current partner was not interested in making the investment, but they found three risk takers who were more than willing. Each founder represented a leg of the stool required to support the retail business they were looking to build. One a pharmacist, one a business manager and the third a marketing manager, all three core skills required.

The PrairieStone logo design on lab coat and pill bottle.

Capsule’s proprietary journaling process was essential for these founders to not only get moving fast, but also to get their vision for the entity aligned almost overnight. The journaling process was so effective it helped one of the original four realize he should bow out and leave the adventure up to the final three.

The PrairieStone logo design on retail entrance signage and pharmacy counter signage.

Capsule was asked to help define the brand these three founders were intending to create, name it, design an identity and then help them sell it to the Lund Food Holdings management team. The timeline was extraordinarily tight with the first objective to have the business up, running and working profitable in four months. The launch was successful and the founders expressed their desire to always be a reference for our firm, as long as we require.

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