OR : Outdoor Research

Capsule was asked to visit OR's Seattle office to discuss an opportunity. Looking back on the day, no one would have predicted a 200% increase in sales result. The design was also a success on the softer objectives; increased usability, better materials and easier navigation of their displays. Proving again, design thinking delivers results at the shelf.

Outdoor Research branding and packaging design variations for four product types.

In the outdoor industry, the OR brand is seen as the technical leader. In the storage category, however, they have faced an equal competitor selling what many have coined "a money tree" with their packaging display system. Capsule was called in to design financially rewarding solutions in display and more important, packaging. The designs needed to build upon the existing brand language, but also provide better navigation in this particular category.

Outdoor Research retail display mock up concepts.
Outdoor Research packaging design for three products against rock background.

The Capsule solutions started with structural design in order to find an ideal solution in functionality, sustainability and accessibility. Then, the application of visual language added to the navigation and conveyed the technical innovation for which OR is known.

Outdoor Research branding on folder with OR and typography pattern.

The results are in both financially and aesthetically. Over 200% increase in sales for this category and our direct client looks like a hero, as he should.

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