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Minnesota Orchestra

Designing the future, the Minnesota Orchestra sought an identity to represent their growing range of orchestral entertainment events. It needed to be appropriate and relevant to community outreach, educational initiatives, fundraising and feature broadcasts. The organization needed to expand beyond a current audience to broaden brand engagement, grow revenue and diversify.

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It was the intent to stay away from the typical cliche symbols of music and focus on metaphors of rhythm and sequencing. The finished design solution incorporates the most iconic architectural component of Orchestra Hall, the cubes – elements that are essential to the acoustic quality and vibrant sound created within the hall. The cubes are arranged in a circle pattern forming a letter "O" monogram from the word "orchestra." The circular pattern represents inclusivity, celebration and a more open environment that encircles the crowd with music.

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"The new identity preserves the integrity of the Minnesota Orchestra's mission, yet refreshes our brand presence with clean, sophisticated and dynamic design. It is an authentic expression of our commitment to artistic excellence and providing memorable and entertaining experiences in a welcoming environment." — Cindy Grzanowski, Director of Marketing

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The orchestra needed to move past a behavior-driven approach to an event-driven approach to attract more diverse and dynamic audiences. Capsule worked through a detailed process supported by existing comprehensive brand research and expanded upon with Capsule's Foundation journaling. These findings were applied to the ideation process to articulate and inspire the new design strategy. The result is a precise, beautiful identity to convey the Minnesota Orchestra's legacy and build in new attributes the brand is advocating moving forward.

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