Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask: your go-to companion container for all beverage types and temperatures. Known for its vibrant colors and sleek designs, Hydro Flask came to Capsule seeking updated packaging design and a new naming system. Our process began with in-store research and thoughtful brand strategy and ended with an improved package design, updated language and icons and a playful naming system to match the vision for Hydro Flask’s product development cycle.

Capsule conducted an in-depth qualitative study to discover current brand and packaging perceptions and to inform a strategy for future packaging development. After studying the market, conducting a competitive analysis and talking with customers in-aisle, we were armed with the insights needed to determine an effective strategy to more powerfully communicate Hydro Flask’s product technology, personality and brand positioning.

With these research findings informing the rest of the project, Capsule developed a packaging update designed to more clearly communicate product benefits and the brand position to enable Hydro Flask to stand out among competition on the shelf. The design had to consider, and be consistent with, packaging across multiple products (i.e. soft goods, water bottles, and accessories) and package structures (i.e. belly bands and hangtags). The final package design had to play a key role in facilitating the consumer buying decision.

The brand and product research also guided names in three different categories: color, product and series. The subsequent names born out of our unique naming process were chosen to further establish brand resonance, match Hydro Flask’s personality and align with the particular use of each product.

Capsule was a great partner for our packaging refresh. Their work was thorough, timely and exactly what we needed. Considerable thought was put into strategy and execution, resulting in an excellent finished product.

Eric Molletta Senior Creative Services Manager

Throughout the project, Hydro Flask’s outgoing, creative and spirited personality kept us inspired and left us thirsty for adventure.

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