Seeking to distinguish the Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa region as the Silicon Valley of agricultural business and tech, Capsule worked closely with the Greater Mankato Growth (GMG) board to rename and promote the region on a national and international level. The GreenSeam is where agriculture, technology and ideas flourish.

GreenSeam. The word "green" represents the unique natural green hue of the area, rich with water, river valleys and fertile soil. Rich with new ideas. Green represents success and prosperity. A seam is a rich strip of natural resources found in the earth. A seam is where things come together, many different patches and parts working together as a whole to create a larger tapestry.

The GreenSeam is a region that celebrates leadership in soybean, pork, corn, ethanol plant production, among others. The region is also known for agriculture research, transportation, manufacturing and agricultural tech companies.

"[Looking at this Logo] you will probably see crop rows or conservation terracing. How about a leaf or an electronic circuit board, perhaps? Maybe the letter 'G' for GreenSeam or for global, and maybe a letter 'L' for local. The dot in the middle reads almost as a place on a map and the shades or gradient color resembles the diversity of our region. The most diverse, the most balanced and the most sustainable."

Jonathan Zierdt, President, Greater Mankato Growth

The team at GreenSeam has proven collaboration works in a community of diverse interests and viewpoints. Capsule is proud to have helped the team articulate a relevant brand strategy, memorable name and visually engaging logo design.

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