Fox River Socks

After Capsule guided Fox River Socks to a more consistent and sustainable packaging system for their corn socks, it was time to implement these same brand values and improved in-store experience across their entire line of socks, marketing materials and point of sales display.

Fox River Socks System A
Fox River Illustration A

Capsule applied the illustrative style and Fox River’s desire to rebel in the category to their entire line of socks, ensuring the iconic personality of the brand was consistently applied to each SKU and piece of marketing communication.

Fox River Bro Spread A
Fox River Display B

The in-store display was designed to use recyclable materials with less weight for shipping. The overall effect was an improved and more consistent point-of-display experience for customers and retailers. And a lower investment for Fox River Socks.

Fox River Display A
Fox River POP A

No disrespect to MC Hammer, but...

Can Touch This.