Fox River socks promotional photography of corn field.

Fox River Socks

The world’s first corn sock. Completely sustainable. Annually renewable. To sock industry geeks, corn fiber technology was revolutionary, earth-shattering stuff. To average consumers, it was still just a sock. Albeit, socks with some corn in them. Capsule’s goal was to launch a product that would grab shoppers’ attention, then intrigue them long enough to get educated on the technology’s unique benefits.

Fox River Socks Made with Corn logo design.

Capsule made it clear that Fox River should push the envelope. Fox agreed. Capsule created packaging and communications tying the corn sock story into Fox River’s history. Thus, corn socks became more than just a product. Corn socks became a verification of Fox River’s vast, quirky tradition – part of its Midwest personality. A distinct and interesting facet of a remarkable brand story that people could relate to and want to make part of their world.

Fox River Sock packaging design and product on bed of corn husks.
Fox River Socks corn promotion and pin merchandise design on green background
Fox River Sock box and promotional material collateral design with branding and messaging.
Fox River Socks corn promotional print advertisements with messaging and illustrations.

Print ads

Fox River Sock packaging designs for three socks on green background.

Corn sock buzz was so overwhelming that within a matter of months, Fox River moved a large portion of its brand work to Capsule. All design and messaging at all levels: packaging, catalog, promotions and advertising.

Fox River Socks in-store retail display design with socks hanging.

Fox River’s corn socks made a big splash at the 2006 Outdoor Retailer show. The campaign not only hauled in loads of international orders, it resurrected interest in the overall Fox River brand. By tying Fox River’s history into the corn socks, audiences who thought they knew everything there was to know gave Fox River a second look.

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