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Joe Edens built his empire on bread and butter. Specifically, on the observation that items like milk, bread and butter were universal necessities. His “necessity retail” model theorized that necessity retailers drew steady patronage that could power whole shopping centers. In 1966, Edens built his first shopping complex. His model and his firm, Edens & Avant, have since gone on to revolutionize the way America shops.

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Having entered new markets with a rejuvenated focus and commitment to building communities, Edens & Avant now had the confidence to shorten its name to Edens (since Mr. Avant hadn’t been involved in the business for many years) and refresh its brand to reflect newly defined brand values.

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Capsule designed a visual language that could comfortably mingle with multi-billion dollar corporations. Advertisements, brochures and the website all had to be rethought, reformed and reproduced. Most important, updated communications had to capture attention in a highly competitive market. The “Building Retail” concept was developed with photography, color and graphics all playing key roles in accurately articulating the brand. Six years later, having successfully weathered the recent recession, Edens & Avant reached out to Capsule again to assist with their next phase of brand evolution.

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