Double Cross Voka bottles with logo in center of bottle.

Double Cross Vodka

Inspired by the ancient double cross symbol in the Slovak coat of arms, we knew we were onto something when it brought tears to the eyes of our Slovak friends. From what do we pour this purity? An award-winning bottle. Elegant. Powerful. Graceful. Striking. A sacred vessel.

Front and sides of Double Cross Vodka bottle structure and graphic design with logo and branding.

Distinction is one of the many elements that Double Cross Luxury Vodka has captured in their exquisite spirit. A vodka produced in the Slovak Republic – the striking and evocative design is a testament of luxury. Precisely engineered to capture the heritage of the product itself, the bottle boasts a seamless design with artistic elements including verses of old-world Slovakian poetry.

Double Cross Vodka logo and word mark design on white background.
Three tablets with Double Cross Vodka product information and branding design.
A Double Cross Vodka brand silver emblem design on a black background.
Two Double Cross Vodka brand design books with black covers on white background.


“Special thanks and recognition must go out to Capsule, our design partner in the creation of the bottle. Their shared dedication to creating an extraordinary vodka brand shines through in the final product.” — Malcome Lloyd MD, President and Founder, Old Nassau Imports

Three Double Cross Vodka promotional branded product packages with boxes and bag designs.

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