A mountain hiking scene with a backpacker walking.

AlpineAire Foods

Amidst a myriad of dehydrated food brands, The Katadyn Group called upon Capsule for a holistic brand and package redesign for AlpineAire. Brand consolidation and fresh, new visual language were priorities. The final result generated a 44% growth within the first month on shelf.

The AlpineAire logo in black and white.
Two AlpineAire food package designs with two different flavors and colors.
Four AlpineAire food package designs showcasing unique flavors and colors.
Nine designed AlpineAire food packages in a row with unique flavors and color labels.

At the start of the project, findings from both the Foundations™ journals and extensive in-aisle research were analyzed and developed into a purposeful strategy. With these findings and strategy in hand, the team was fully prepared to design a new identity and packaging system. The new AlpineAire visual language is fresh and sophisticated. Color palette, photography style and typeface capture the adventurous brand personality. Navigational cues for meal type and flavor were incorporated into the design to improve experience in the aisle and on the trail.

Four cans of AlpineAire food labels designed to showcase unique flavors by color.
The AlpineAire website mockup design showing the branding and packaging on a computer monitor.

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