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Physics Book Review: Jill Konrath, award-winning author of all things Sales

Jill Konrath may be perhaps the queen of selling. Starting her career at Xerox Corporation, and moving up to independent consulting for growing companies, Jill has flourished into a pro "sales accelerator," award-winning author, keynote speaker, and featured sales coach in Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, NY Times and more.

So, Jill - What are your thoughts and ideas around book sales... ?

“Sales has always had the easiest way to measure success, revenue delivered. Marketing has struggled to find a more precise way to measure success. Wallace, Marino and Keller have articulated a perspective and methods to understand brand value. If you’re in marketing, your first words after reading this book will likely be ‘finally someone has done it.'”

Jill Konrath
Author of SNAP Selling,
Agile Selling,
Selling to Big Companies

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