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Mother’s Day: Uncensored

When I stumbled upon this ad shared by one of my Facebook friends, I instantly perked up. Upon a quick scan of the headline, the words Moms, Swear, F*cking and Hilarious jumped out at me. I stopped scrolling. I’m definitely going to take the time to watch this! It’s currently the month of May and we have been bombarded with the usual Mother’s Day ads - flowers, jewelry, candles, etc., all the gifts every Mom wants on Mother’s Day, right? Ah, how about a day to herself with no kids? Or 24 hours of beautiful silence? No rolling eyes and fed-up sighs from teenage girls? Yup, I’ll take it!

Many of these ads include the same elements - perfectly put-together Moms smiling, looking relaxed and receiving gifts. Pristine women who lovingly gaze down upon their children with only love and affection. Reeaaaaaaally? This isn’t my daily experience of motherhood. And I bet it isn’t yours either.

I watched the ad Kraft put together, laughing through its entirety, and felt like I was finally seeing the way I and many of my friends mother in a commercial. Have I seen it on a TV show or movie? Absolutely. But an ad for a product? Not so much. We’re smart, hardworking women who are also moms and we are keeping it real - why don’t brands show us real moms? The mom in this ad is smart and witty; not this fantasized version of a mother none of us can ever attain or the other favorite stereotype, a haphazard, crazy mess of a woman who is the butt of her kids’ jokes. Why, she could be me!

Kraft gets motherhood. Kraft gets ME.

I experienced a brand moment. Kraft gets motherhood. Kraft gets ME. I felt an instant affinity and connection to a brand I have occasionally purchased but lately have not really paid much attention to or thought much about. As a Mom with three teenagers at home - the swearing will probably continue. And the next time Kraft comes out with a new product or ad? I’ll be watching, listening AND buying.

Thank you, Kraft, for wishing me a happy f*cking Mother's Day.

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