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Introducing: Rachel Dille

Our newest Digital Marketing Associate and Capsule Crew member, Rachel Dille, opens up about life, love and the pursuit of brands. Well... at least, two of the three.

What brings you to Capsule, Rachel?

I am a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota with a degree in product design and marketing. Within product design, I focused on user experience and learned how design is so closely tied in with marketing. Since graduation I have been doing a combination of digital marketing and UX at a local business.

Tell us about how you became interested in design!

I have grown up with a very creative mind, but am also a very analytical and technical person. Marketing and user experience has been a perfect way to balance both sides of my brain. I can be analytical when trying to solve problems while still exploring and being creative.

What experiences do you bring to Capsule?

I have experience in digital marketing, UX design and research, content creation and marketing analytics. I stay up to date on all the latest design and social media trends. I am very excited to showcase all the wonderful things capsule does in the design community

Well... Now that we've gotten to get to know you a bit more professionally, it's time for the personal question lightening round!

What’s the most awkward movie you’ve ever seen with your parents?

When my parents took my family to see Old School and quickly realized it wasn’t really about school.

On a scale of Jingle All the Way to Fargo, how Minnesotan is your accent?

3. If I eliminated the words “bag” and “ope” from my vocabulary I would be a solid 1.

We’re not going to judge or anything… but what’s your go to Karaoke song?

Wannabe by the Spice Girls

Ramen or Sushi?

Sushi. Ramen doesn’t pair well with being gluten free.

What brand is your dream client?

I am a huge peanut butter lover. I would love to work on a new brand of peanut butter!

Which 90s sitcom transcends time and still gives you the warm fuzzies?

Full House.

What’s your social security number?


What’s your life motto?

Everyday should include laughter… and chocolate.
- Dove Wrapper

Any hidden talents you’re ready to expose?

I can unicycle and juggle… at the same time. A clown has always been my back-up career.

What song will you never EVER skip?

Any song by Taylor Swift

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