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Introducing: Meghan Meehan

Our newest Associate Experience Strategist and Capsule Crew member, Meghan Meehan, opens up about life, love and the pursuit of brands. Well... at least, two of the three.

What brings you to Capsule?

In addition to Capsule’s impressive portfolio, I was interested in working for a smaller company with the opportunity to grow within that also allowed me to work directly with creatives and a variety of clients.

Tell us about how you became interested in design!

My interest in design started young when I won the yearbook cover contest twice in elementary school. Since then, I became interested in woodworking in high school and got further into 3D design in college. I believe good design should be accessible whether that is seeing it in stores on packaging or products such as your toaster.

What experiences do you bring to Capsule?

I graduated from the Arts Entrepreneurship program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a creative focus in 3D design. Before coming to Capsule, I spent some time as a project manager at a retail fixture company and spent a handful of years working in retail myself. What is unique about my background is that I am a designer with a business background, or the other way around these days!

What’s the most awkward movie you’ve ever seen with your parents?

My mom and I saw a majority of the Twilight saga movies together when I was a preteen. I was #TeamJacob in case you were wondering.

On a scale of Jingle All the Way to Fargo, how Minnesotan is your accent?

No one has ever made a comment about it so maybe we can leave it at jingle all the way.

We’re not going to judge or anything… but what’s your go to Karaoke song?

I don’t have a go to karaoke song but I do enjoy watching others do karaoke… they are so brave.

Ramen or Sushi?

Sushi, especially from Wakame. They have a great happy hour menu!

What brand is your dream client?

Bark Box! They seem to have a lot of fun with making their toys.

Which 90s sitcom transcends time and still gives you the warm fuzzies?

The Nanny, I would love to have Fran Drescher’s wardrobe.

What’s your social security number?

678 triple 9 8212

What’s your life motto?

I’d rather have an “oh well” than a “what if”

Any hidden talents you’re ready to expose?

I enjoy reading tarot if you ever want me to expose something for you instead. Other than that I think I am really good at finding a good deal on Facebook Marketplace.

How old do you think Tom Cruise actually is? Like really…

Old enough to be my dad

What song will you never EVER skip?

Beach is Better by JAY-Z

Scariest monster? Don’t say ghost. Mine is ghost.

Shoebill stork. Google search it if you are brave.

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