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Introducing: Danielle Lachermeier

Our newest Relationship Development Manager and Capsule Crew member, Danielle Lachermeier, opens up about life, love and the pursuit of brands. Well... At least two of the three.

What brings you to Capsule?

Early on in my career the agency-world caught my attention. Having worked in more "old school" roles that didn't give me as much say in the sales process as I'd have liked, I wanted to work for an agency that truly valued my mindset, creativity and potential for innovative ideas. The great culture, diversity of clients and exciting work Capsule offers didn't hurt either.

Tell us about how you became interested in your role as Relationship Development Manager!

I have a MGD degree, and no, that isn’t an abbreviation for Michelob Golden Draft (wink, wink). It's Marketing and Graphic Design. My degree helped me nurture my love for design while gaining a solid grounding in business and marketing. So when asked to take on my role at Capsule— the intersection between my interests and experience seemed like a perfect fit!

What experiences do you bring to Capsule?

I have a comprehensive background in B2B business development, digital marketing, strategy and design. I’ve worked with companies anywhere from startups to Fortune 500!

Well... Now that we've gotten to get to know you a bit more professionally, it's time for the personal question lightening round!

On a scale of Jingle All the Way to Fargo, how Minnesotan is your accent?

Probably a 5. I have been called out by my non-Minnesotan friends for the way I pronounce “bAg”. It’s physically impossible for me to pronounce it any other way.

We’re not going to judge or anything… but what’s your go to Karaoke song?

Easy, That Don’t Impress Me Much by Shania Twain. Preferably performed at Moose Bar & Grill in Northeast.

Ramen or Sushi?

I used to work at a lounge best known for its sushi and martini night. Ever since then it’s been hands down sushi!

Which 90s sitcom transcends time and still gives you the warm fuzzies?

Boy Meets World. No love story will ever come close to that of Cory and Topanga. Or really, just anytime Eric and Mr. Feeny got together. “FEenY!”

What’s your social security number?


Any hidden talents you’re ready to expose?

My mad Cribbage skills

Ho old do you think Tom Cruise actually is? Like really…

Forever, 24

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