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Inside the Capsule: Intern Spotlight on Thomas

The name is Thomas Becken but you can call me Teebs, Tbeck, T, Teeth (or anything else that starts with a T) for short. I work at Capsule as a Research & Marketing Intern , aka it’s my job to discover trends, assist in creating reports, and learn something new everyday. I’m from Woodbury, MN, also known as suburbia and my background is in economics & finance (I know my way around a spreadsheet).

When I’m not at work you can find me at a new brewery with my friends or walking around with my camera. My go to karaoke song is This Love by Maroon 5. My favorite brand is 4Ocean (love their mission). Something weird (but really cool) about me is that I can say I was my high school’s prom king. One thing I’m particularly passionate about is the ocean (not very practical when living in Minnesota).

If I could put one item into a time capsule to tell the future about what my life is like in 2019, it would be my James Blake record ‘Assume Form’.

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