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Inside the Capsule: Employee Spotlight on Rachel

Get to know our new account manager, Rachel.

What brought you to Capsule?

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in Madison (also my hometown!) in 2012 I started working in the Retail Marketing department at the American Girl corporate headquarters. In 2015 I transitioned to the Marketing Coordinator position at United Way of Dane County. After about a year and a half at United Way, I finally decided to do something that I had been talking about doing for more than four years: move to a new city for the first time ever. I knew I wanted to get into agency work and quickly discovered that Minneapolis had a thriving marketing scene and Capsule interested me because of the variety of clients and breadth of projects.

What do you like to do outside of work?

My favorite activities include running, hot yoga, hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, and boxing. I LOVE food so I enjoy exploring new restaurants and cooking. I’m working my way through all the old tv shows I somehow never watched growing up. So far I’ve gotten through Seinfeld and Friends, and I’m currently working my way through Gilmore Girls. I’m also a podcast fanatic and like discussing them with people.

Go-to karaoke song?

I don’t typically partake in karaoke (although I love to watch my friends do it)…but if I had to my go-to might be Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

So far my favorite part has been abosorbing the insight and knowledge from all the extremely talented people around me.

If you were in the Hunger Games, who at Capsule would you pick to be your ally?

Anyone at Capsule would probably be a great ally, but Kitty comes to top of mind because she seems like she would have a lot of stealth and put up a good fight.

What’s your dream job?

To work at Capsule obviously! But also maybe a restaurant and/or fitness class critic for my own successful blog because I enjoy eating out AND working out….but I have lots of opinions about both usually.

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