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The Capsule team has entered into a new era in our history. We published a book with two co-authors and it has hit the best-seller status. This has led to a national book tour in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Boston and in a few weeks we’re back in New York City again.

Here are some of the interesting events that have transpired over the last year:

One: We met with an international brand and were given an experience design challenge. It is the kind of problem that the voice in your head says “well, that can’t be done” almost immediately after you hear it.

We have started down the road to solve it.

Two: We were introduced to the people in the center of the bitcoin movement, met a robot named Kuri and spent some time inside the largest hotel brand in the world (Airbnb). It’s easy to see these conversations as science fiction, because it feels like we’ve read them in the sci-fi books of our childhood.

The network keeps growing.

Three: We have had the chance to speak with rather large audiences and receive feedback on some of the pillars in our book. The single pillar getting more than its share of attention is the idea of humanizing brands. Since brands are invented to be extensions of ourselves, we should expect them to serve a greater role in society.

Does your brand have human attributes or exhibit human behaviors?

Four: We’ve had conversations with people who buy and sell corporations who repeatedly confirm our models for the value of brands. A vast majority of the assets in a business sale are brands, yet many struggle to understand how to build lasting value in their brands.

When was the last time you put a value to your brand?

Thank you everyone for the amazing support, connections and opportunities. We look forward to the next challenges our clients and friends put in front of us. If we were not able to connect with you on our previous tour stops, we look forward to being back in town soon. If you’re interested in having our tour stop in your city for a speech or book discussion, please feel free to reach out.

Do you have a challenge for the Capsule team?

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