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Capsule is On the Move

We started to get too comfortable in our own space. It happens to the best of us, people and brands alike. If we don’t get up, move, take a vacation, find new spaces, get outside our comfortable places, try to cook something out of a Gordon Ramsey cookbook, we get stagnant.

Then, a pandemic, and we find ourselves considering the “office” a state of mind instead of a physical location. And, though we have effectively operated as a company through the binary vacuum of all-day web chats, something has clearly been missing. While we didn’t need to be physically close in an office space, we still knew it was important for our agile culture of creativity.

We also started to see the globe as our office, as our team spread their wings and traveled (safely, where and when they could) to immerse themselves in new spaces. It became a common event to have our daily check-ins with one person in another state, by a beach or at the base of a mountain.

We have become more migratory, as a team. And the work has improved because of it.

Our team seems happier and our clients are very impressed by what we’ve been able to bring together, from all parts of the globe. So, where does the “office” go if it's in our heads and not where we plant our hindquarters?

Capsule has a tendency to stay in a location for a decade, but if you asked, we’d love to stay in our current location for two. We fell deeply in love with the space, the North Loop neighborhood and our neighbors, but, it is time to find a new place to plant our creative roots.

Remember when you crashed on your friend’s couch for a week or two back in college? They remember it in months, but whatever.

Turns out we have friends in the creative field and they have a couch where we can crash for a while. We’ve been working with them for more than 15 years and they have a penchant to share space with odd creative types like us. So, Capsule is going to spend a few weeks (read; likely six months) with our friends while we find and design our new home.

Capsule’s temporary home is at Yellow Dog Studios, in their co-working space, Scout. If you’re curious to look us up at our new crashpad, the address is below:

2744 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Whether it’s in person or through a screen, we’d love to see you soon and show you our new digs.

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