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Capsule in the Sky Challenge

Our co-founder and managing principal Aaron Keller, along with Physics of Brand, were mentioned in Delta Sky magazine's September issue. To celebrate soaring to new heights in the realm of blending physics and branding, we are offering a challenge to frequent and not-so-frequent flyers alike.

For those those that are willing to rise to the challenge of snagging 10 copies of the September issue of Delta Sky magazine and bringing them inside the Capsule, we will award a signed copy of Physics of Brand.

If the thought of taking a Sky magazine in plane sight sends your stomach soaring, here are three helpful tips when navigating this challenge:

1. Break into a conversation with your neighbor about knowing the authors of this book and ask if you can have their copy of the magazine.

2. Wait until your neighbor is sleeping and then steal it, like taking physics from a baby.

3. Walk up and down the aisles asking people to pass their magazine to the center, and say you're taking them all back because you found a typo.

4. Wait until everyone has left the plane and then just start gathering the goods. When you've got a stack of 30 in hand, exit the plane and tell the pilot "thank you for flying with us" on your way out. (You know our co-author Aaron will certainly be using this technique.)

Show us your Delta Sky magazine by talking a picture and mentioning us on Twitter @capsuledesign or Instagram @capsulebrand.

The deadline for the challenge is September 30 at 3 pm. Good luck!

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