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Calling All: Creators

Right now, we are in the middle of interviewing potential interns for a seat inside the Capsule. It is always a joy to see the nervous energy and passion in their faces. For those who don’t make it inside this time we always offer advice and any connections we can to those who show the most promise. But we wanted to share one piece of advice that is essential for any nearly graduated student looking to enter the creative community.

Find a creative outlet and let yourself dwell there for awhile.

Since the beginning, it has been the view from Capsule that no matter who you are, you’re creative. You don’t earn a degree in "creative", but you can approach learning in ways that stimulate creativity.

The best example of this idea is Albert Einstein, an individual with profound and acknowledged creativity, yet a scientific and mathematical education. The idea that there’s a “creative department” is foreign to our teams: we are all creative in our own way. We each have our creative outlets -- places where our creativity just pours out of us like water from a farm pump.

My creative outlet is writing, but I also love photography. While I never consider myself a professional photographer, I do appreciate framing the proper shot. Our new digital age has afforded us the amazing opportunity to self-publish on a blog and share it with the world (or at least your 57 followers).

Here’s a bit of specific advice we’ve been giving for awhile: have a blog, write with some frequency and show the world your creative outlet. It hones the craft of photography, writing, design or illustration to put it into the world. You can be creative and quietly expect to be “discovered” or step it up and showcase the seedlings of your talent.

Capsule is formally opening up our blog for guest bloggers to participate in the conversation we’ve designed. We are inviting marketers, writers, designers, and artists of all sorts to contribute a blog post or series. Some of you in our circle of friends and colleagues will get an individual invite. But if you’ve got an ability to string together words in a sentence and have an itch to share a story, please reach out to us.

The benefits:

One: access to one of the Capsule creative outlets.

Two: we will share your work with our network (totally over 50,000) as you share it with yours.

Three: you’re writing alongside published authors, award winning designers and fascinating creative minds.

Four: you have someone here who will edit and proof your work, so you don’t have to suffer over every word and every sentence.

If this is something that interests you and you’ve got a point of view on the world, please reach out to Maddi Wagner. We will be selecting five each quarter and then working with them to get their words out into the world.

Happy writing, and get creating.

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