Einstein 2

3.14. Pi day. Einstein’s Day. Book Launch Day.

Today, Einstein’s birthday, is our official book launch and a bonus gift day.

We started in the early aughts with a desire to find a better understanding the value brands have to society, organizations and human beings. Dan Wallace, Renee Marino and myself found a new, more focused, lens to look at brands, The Physics of Brand book is the finish line gift for a 10-year journey.

Yes, we went there. “Physics” in the title of a book, and yet the reviews have been amazing. Our design team at Capsule illustrated the book in a Rube Goldberg style, turning some intense vegetable concepts into Krispy Kreme donuts: so easy to enjoy. One of many reviews we have received to date.

“This should be your handbook for modern branding. The Physics of Brand is what most marketing books aren’t — fun to read right from the first page, engaging and generous in its trove of brand knowledge, and up-to-this-minute current with how the marketplace works today.”
Mark Addicks
CMO Emeritus, General Mills
Professor, University of St. Thomas

Einstein's birthday (3.14) is also Pi day, coincidentally. How about that? We gave plenty of nods to the crazy hair physicist and sprinkled in some provoking Thought Experiments, so it seems right to launch on Mr Einstein’s naked day.

So, here’s the big finish, or the big bang.

Pre-order our book on March 14th (on Amazon), email us a confirmation and we’ll send you the first chapter as a thank you gift.

Here's what you can expect:

  1. The Introduction. Dive into the inspiration behind our authors' discovery of this new lens to study brands; this is the backstory. And it's good.
  2. Chapter One. This is the 411 for the entire book. This molds your mind and puts you in the right place to absorb our hero concept: how brands move through time and space to obtain value for people and society.
  3. The Kicker Bonus gift. Order 10 books on 3.14 (today), send a proof of purchase and we’ll send you an Einstein action figure (photo above) reading The Physics of Brand (cover). What desk wouldn’t look better with an Einstein action figure? Seriously.

If you have any curiosity for brands, disappointment is unlikely. If you’re still not convinced, visit our website with a long list of quotes from early reviewers.

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