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Erin Levzow and Anne Mezzenga

Think & Link: February 23rd, 2:00 pm Pacific / 4:00 Central

We have Erin Levzow the Chief Marketing Officer at the Museum of Ice Cream, a unique aesthetic experience of ice cream and color originally from New York. And, our local omni-channel icon Anne Mezzenga the co-ceo of Omni-Talk, a top 100 retail podcast and recent attendee at NRF’s Big Show.

We’ll be discussing the design of retail experiences, insights from NRF’s Big Show, our collective love of ice cream and of course the Museum of Ice Cream adventure.

Please join us, we’ll be raising a glass of wine, cup of ice cream or pint of beer in celebration of being back in person again for Think & Link.

Think & Link, is our gift of inspiration to our community as we all seek new opportunities, friendships and professions. We’re a curious crew here at Capsule, so we’re always looking to learn from our significant community of thinkers, doers and dreamers.

Come be a part of the conversation.

Virtual Attendance Details:

4pm - 5pm CST: Speaker talk with Erin Levzow and Anne Mezzenga, broadcasted live in-person and online Zoom webinar link will be sent via email prior to the event.

Shout out to our co-hosts and sponsors:

Aaron Keller, Managing Principal, Capsule

Kitty Hart, VP Client Brand Experience, Heroic Productions

RSP Architects

  • Date

    February 23, 2023

    4:00 PM CST

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