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Alberto Marzan & Jatin Setia

About the Speakers

What have you been watching during your extended stay inside? While the more shows and movies you list may lead to a twinge of guilt at how much screen time you’ve been participating in, it’s a question that fuels the productivity of our next two guests. Alberto Marzan, Founder VumaTV has launched a global streaming service in the warm glow (sarcasm) of a global pandemic. Well, to be fair, he’s been working on it for five years, the timing just happened to work out. Vuma is getting more people together around a good story to take their minds off the challenges going on all around us. Jatin Setia, of the Twin Cities Film Festival is a local hero leading the effort to build an economic base helping the film industry to flourish in The North Star State. This should be a fascinating pair to discuss how the film industry is going to change and improve coming out of this period in our global history.

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    June 11, 2020

    11:00 AM CDT

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    Virtual, Zoom Invite

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Capsule is a special projects firm out of Minneapolis, solving unique challenges for local, national and global brands through design, research and strategy.

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