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Think & Link for a Living: Kenny & Danny King

The Minneapolis based King Brothers will take the Think & Link stage for July to discuss image. How do you project your personal image?

About the speakers
Twin brothers, Kenny and Danny King are King Brothers Clothiers. Based in Minneapolis / St.Paul, the King Brothers specialize in balancing timeless style with today's trends. They set themselves apart, and above, the competition by the bespoke process they use, and the pricepoints they offer.

The King Brothers work with some of the area's most prominent athletes and have been featured on national TV, as well as many national and local publications including MSP Magazine,MR Magazine,, Minnesota Monthly, Twin Cities Business Magazine, among others.

  • Date

    April 28, 2016

    7:00 AM CDT

  • Location

    In Person, Capsule

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Capsule's Think & Link for a Living is an invitation-only gathering of like-minded people, coming together each month to discuss hot topics and important issues. It's an invaluable sharing of insight and inspiration.

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Capsule is a special projects firm out of Minneapolis, solving unique challenges for local, national and global brands through design, research and strategy.

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