Compass Marketing approached Capsule with the opportunity to bring a DVD burner to the soon-to-be commodity market of DVD burners. With competitors like Sony, TDK and HP in the category, it was a daunting task to take on such marketing giants. The first objective was to find an audience with an unmet desire, then to create a product name, identity and package to exceed it.

Yank logo design in green on white background.

Creating a new brand in a crowded market is a challenging task. Our team started by defining who we'd be speaking with, what they’re doing, what they’re reading (if anything) and what they’re watching. Then, we created names that would appeal to some of the underlying emotions of rebellion and taking back control from the brands in their life.

Yank packaging box design for dvd and cd burner.
Yank packaging box design graphics with frog character instructions and bar code design.

Instead of a typical list of features and benefits, a humorous pictograph system was used.

Yank branding and logo design on cds.
Yank packaging design graphics with bar code and stickers.

Personality does not need to be restricted by packaging requirements.

Yank branding with frog character listening with headphones, listening ot music and sitting in chair for promotion.

Finally, we designed identity, packaging, manuals, website, promotions and support materials to bring this new brand to life. The result was: YANK. The brand is still young and, true to the personality, it is taking on the world of big brands.

In Pantones we trust.

Do you?