Touching Hearts at Home brand design photo of two people one in a logo shirt.

Touching Hearts at Home


Nationally reaching at home care service provider, Touching Hearts, was in need of a brand refresh to match the renewed vitality that their personalized and heartfelt care brings to the lives of clients on a daily basis. Capsule was tasked to not only craft all of the essential elements of a brand refresh like mark, visual identity and messaging, but apply the summation of this work to a new Touching Hearts web experience as well.

The SOlutioN

The new mark highlights the coming together of two distinct pieces to form an abstracted heart, and is representative of the intimate and compassion filled relationship formed between caregiver and client.

Exploration of the primary color palette led to the adoption of a lighter purple in place of the darker hue found in the original mark. Balanced with the introduction of a peach color, the new color palette provides a lighter look and feel that injects more vibrancy and life into an industry that can often hold cold or sterile associations.

Touching Hearts at Home brand logo design Touching Hearts at Home name on transparent.
Touching Hearts at Home brand logo design with two overlapping ovals and brand name.
Touching Hearts at Home brand logo design with two overlapping purple ovals.


The warm, nurturing and uplifting voice of a close companion is channeled in the messaging strategy to inspire clients and caregivers alike with Touching Hearts' core purpose of redefining heartfelt care through consistency, companionship and compassion.

Touching Hearts at Home brand logo design with tagline over purple and photos.
Touching Hearts at Home brand logo design tagline over orange and photos.


Considering the older age to which the core audience of Touching Hearts skews, size and legibility were both carefully taken into account when designing the visual identity system and subsequent collateral pieces. A clean set of newly designed brand elements, including custom iconography, were developed and incorporated into the system to promote a warm brand personality and easier information navigability across all branded collateral.

Abstracted pieces of the heart and home iconography were further utilized to provide masking for a Capsule directed photography style that underscores the fun, joy and excitement yet to be had in life’s later years.

Touching Hearts at Home brand logo design using patterns of icons over transparent background.
Touching Hearts at Home brand logo design case study examples on a purple surface.
Touching Hearts at Home brand logo design brochure on an orange background.


With newly designed brand elements in hand, we began the process of applying our work to the World Wide Web. We refreshed Touching Hearts’ web experience to not only more faithfully represent their offerings and values, but provide functionally designed assets that could be easily systemized and spread across their more than 60 franchisee sites with consistent brand cohesiveness.

Touching Hearts at Home brand logo design website on a laptop, desktop and mobile phone screen.


The end result was much more than a full, fresh and optimistic update for the Touching Hearts brand. Our work broke each newly designed element into easily utilized and versatile brand “lego pieces” in a readily accessible asset tool box that brand champions and franchisees could take and run with as they crafted their own customized collateral while remaining aligned with overarching brand standards. To date, Touching Hearts at Home has successfully launched its rebrand and new website to warm enthusiasm from internal stakeholders, caregiver partners and clients alike.


"Every book Aaron Keller and the Capsule team has put a pen to is in my collection of required reading regarding what matters most in logos, design, and brand to develop a distinct business persona. Capsule has not only helped transform the way our corporate team thinks about brand as an asset, but through their work, transformed the way the world interacts with and recognizes who Touching Hearts is at the core and the value we bring to the lives of others." — Ramona Hunt, Director of Leadership and Development

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