The Sugar Goblin

A Halloween story inspired by the return of tricks for treats, The Sugar Goblin storybook and toy needed brand and design thinking to bring the story and concept to life. The end goal being for The Sugar Goblin story to show up in the homes of families during the Halloween season.

Capsule stepped through a proprietary process to focus on the written and visual language of the brand, ensuring the sweet story of The Sugar Goblin will be shared with retailers, parents and children.

The outcome captured the essence of a playful Sugar Goblin exchanging lighthearted tricks for Halloween treats and catches the attention of parents and children looking for a clever theft of candy induced, post-Halloween stomach aches.

Capsule created a custom cover and presentation book with The Sugar Goblin visual language, tone and voice to create a thorough presentation appropriate for these retail partners. The Sugar Goblin can now be found on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, Creative Kidstuff and online at and

Capsule believed in our idea and was engaged with it at a personal level from the very beginning. They got it, cared about it and extended relationships in their network to help ensure its success. The Capsule team approached this entire project with a thoughtful design perspective and helped us lower material costs, all the while meeting a very aggressive deadline and working on many different pieces. In fact, we were so pleased with their work and our experience that we hired their talents for our other ventures.

Michael and Crystal Boyle, Founders

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