Brillant Pkg Pattern


Safe Reflections, a brand that seeks to 'Illuminate Your Style' partnered with Capsule to rebrand and repackage an innovative retail product for an aggressive new push into the retail market. The result is simply Brilliant.

Brilliant Logos

The monogram was developed to represent motion, trails of light and safety lines. It visually speaks in the vernacular of safety while also appealing to an active, athletic audience. The black and white coloring of the mark further emphasizes the contrast between night and day, light and dark.

Brillant Pkg Four
Brillant POP A

Safe Reflections' core business is manufacturing reflective tape using the 3M Scotchlite reflective material. The brand has long been a mainstay in the military, construction, athletic and professional industries. With the new Brilliant retail initiative, Capsule utilized a unique packaging design targeted at increasing awareness and education for runners, bikers, dog walkers and parents.

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