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Inside the Capsule: Intern Spotlight on Spencer

The name is Spencer but you can call me Spenny for short. I work at Capsule as a Graphic Design Intern, aka it’s my job to solve problems through design. I’m from Blaine, MN also known as The Burbs and my background is in Graphic Design

When I’m not at work you can find me cruisin on my mini skateboard, binging random youtube videos, or drawing. My go to karaoke song Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, so I can troll you all with my glorious singing voice. My favorite brand is Adidas, every day is an exercise in restraint to not buy a new pair of kicks. Something weird (but really cool) about me is that I can recite historical facts that are probably only half accurate. One thing I’m particularly passionate about is NASA, hip hop, and the cheesiest kung fu movies.

If I could put one item into a time capsule to tell the future about what my life is like in 2019, it would be my playlist, It’s too good.

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