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Inside the Capsule: Intern Spotlight on Hans

Get to know one of our design interns, Hans Slade.

1. How did you get to Capsule?
I’m from Duluth, but go to school here in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota. I was a big fan of the work Capsule was doing for clients big & small, and hopped on the chance to intern here.

2. Why are you interested in design?
What I like the most about design is learning from the client. They’re always the expert in their field – whether it’s medicine or bread or shoes. I get to combine that with my field of design to create something that communicates effectively. Plus, I know now how to Photoshop myself into basically any picture.

3. What do you bring to the Capsule team?
Well, I’m pretty sure I’m the youngest. I guess that leaves it up to me to know what the kids are up to these days. Memes and whatnot.

4. Go-to karaoke song?
Africa, Toto. As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.

5. What do you do when you are not at work? or: Where can we find you outside of work?
I wake up at an ungodly hour to row at the Minnesota Boat Club. And then sometimes I do it again after work.

6. Life motto?
Work hard.

7. What are you passionate about?
Breakfast, and all that it entails.

8. Hidden talents?
I am an avid amateur barista.

You can find Hans' work featured in the Dieline or on his website.

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