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Mauro Porcini

Think & Link: October 3, 4:15 pm Eastern / 3:15 Central

Think & Link; Special Edition

PepsiCo’s award-winning chief design officer, Mauro Porcini, is using his new book to reveal the secret to creating life-changing innovations: putting human needs at the center of any design process.

The Human Side of Innovation: The Power of People in Love with People

Innovation is an act of love—or at least it should be. Always. It is a gesture of empathy, respect, generosity, of one human being’s devotion to another.

Join us for this special edition of Think & Link to hear more conversation around Mauro’s latest work. If you’re unfamiliar with Mauro, he’s a Think & Link alumnus, back when it was “Pants Optional” in 2020 -- see this inspired event for yourself here. Mauro is most noted for being the first Chief Design Officer at 3M and PepsiCo.

Mauro Porcini, Author, Design leader and inspired human being.

Come be a part of the conversation.

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    October 3, 2022

    3:15 PM CDT

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About Think & Link

Think & Link, is our way of giving something to our community as we all seek new opportunities, friendships and professions. We’re a curious crew here at Capsule, so we’re always looking to learn from our significant community of thinkers, doers and dreamers.

About The Hosts

Our format is a 60 minute Q&A discussion hosted by Kelly Leighton and Aaron Keller of Capsule with questions from our audience sprinkled into the conversation.

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