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Angie Tebbe and Kate Lubenesky

Our February speakers are here just in time for the month we show our love for design. Angie Tebbe of Rae Wellness and Kate Lubenesky of W&P are two amazing entrepreneurs who have used design to improve the little things in our lives. And, by little, we don’t mean unimportant. In fact, these bits of how we live make a big impact on how we thrive. We hope you’ll see why we admire these two founders for their contributions to the entrepreneurial community.

Areas of learning from our conversation;

One: How design and business intersect to create something better for the consumer.

Two: Entrepreneurship from the lens of two founders creating new experiences and finding a gap in the market where they’ve designed a better brand, products and experiences.

Three: Finding an audience, how each of them discovered their fans, consumers and advocates.

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    February 22, 2024

    3:00 PM CST

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About Think & Link

We started Think & Link as a french-style salon, to discuss the relevant topics of the day, connect with other like-minded individuals and share our stories. Our format is a 60 minute Q&A discussion hosted by Aaron Keller of Capsule and questions from our audience sprinkled into the conversation.

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February 16, 2017

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