Spec Mix

As the leader in their industry and the holder of the patent to a revolutionary mortar and grout delivery system, Spec Mix management was concerned about what would happen when their patent expired. They needed to ensure that their competition didn’t step in and grab market share. They chose to improve their brand and convert the asset value of a patent into a brand.

Our opportunity was to create a brand identity system that reflected the high-quality nature of the Spec Mix product line and the revolutionary mortar and grout delivery system. Since the patent was about to expire, our goal was to improve the image of Spec Mix to strengthen their leadership position in the masonry industry and protect against market share attrition.

With no budget for research, information was gathered by visiting numerous job sites, trade shows and masonry supply houses. Through these visits, we were able to get to know the Spec Mix brand and develop an understanding of how to communicate that brand to masons, architects and engineers.

The resulting design included minor refinements to the corporate mark and a brand identity system that included overview brochures, data sheets, ads, packaging and other forms of communication materials.

Since the audience ranged from masons to architects to engineers, it was important the design communicate to diverse audiences. The system includes dramatic imagery of their products on job sites and direct language like, “Don’t waste my time, get me a silo,” and “I don’t babysit mud.”

While Spec Mix is owned by a privately held company–Cemstone, there are no financial results that can be shown. Brian Carney, General Manager, has indicated that brand awareness has increased and they have strengthened their position as the market leader.

“Capsule was an unexpected find when we went searching for a creative partner. We had an idea of what we needed, they brought much more to the table than any other firm we considered. They understood our product and helped us see ways to build a strong brand — one with muscle that conveys our position as the industry leader.”

Brian Carney, Spec Mix, General Manager


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