Simple Seed

Gulf Pacific Rice has been producing rice for decades, but organic rice was a new venture. Capsule created a friendly look and feel for the packaging of the new Simple Seed line using design elements such as an earthy palette and approachable typeface. Furthermore, the bag introduced a new functionality to the rice market as it stands independently, eliminating the possibility of spillage.

The rice market has remained unchanged for years – it’s a commodity product that we typically fail to notice on the shelves. Clearly, the time has come to breathe new life into this staple food.

Gulf Pacific Rice recognized the need to make rice exciting again. The Houston, Texas manufacturer of “all things rice” chose Capsule to help launch their new line of organic rice and develop the perfect brand strategy that would keep consumers coming back for more.

The Gulf Pacific Rice team worked with Capsule through its proprietary Foundations™ research process, providing the necessary insight that helped shape the brand strategy behind this new product line.

Capsule named the new range Simple Seed and then designed an identity that is both modern and comforting, friendly and intriguing. Add communications materials, packaging and a website, and Simple Seed was ready to launch.

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