Minneapolis College

Minneapolis Community and Technical College came to Capsule looking for a better way to communicate its vibrancy, diversity and academic rigor. As a reputable institution devoting over 100 years to enriching lives and contributing to the fabric of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis Community and Technical College wasn’t getting the recognition it so rightfully deserved.

The work began with research insights from extensive interviews, focus groups, brand workshop sessions and survey intake from more than 600 stakeholders. Capsule gained an in-depth understanding of the current perceptions and future goals from the voices of students, faculty, staff and administrators to represent the true spirit of the College and inform the new brand strategy. With a strategy designed to emphasize the academic rigor and diversity housed behind its doors, the institution became repositioned as Minneapolis College: an internationally sought out, academically rigorous, financially and geographically accessible institution located in and central to the livelihood of Minneapolis. Capsule brought these resounding qualities to the forefront of messaging and overall brand identity.

The updated mark reflects diverse paths to education while simultaneously depicting a unified community. The spire signifies a spark of creativity and bold energy, while referencing a guiding beacon of opportunity, transformation and success. Positioning it as the primary college of the city, both in its academic prestige and unique downtown location, the wordmark is designed to emphasize the “Minneapolis College” portion of the name. This new nickname allows for easier brand recognition and has been widely embraced in new applications.

Injecting a bold and new energy, the updated system introduces secondary colors alongside its core purple identifier. The updated visual identity system utilizes dynamic and unifying patterns, curvature and overlays to add a fresh and cohesive energy to the visual language.

Capsule’s creative, technical and research-based approach to developing our new brand resulted in resounding acceptance and excitement! Finally, Minneapolis College’s visuals depict its unique mission of providing access to the transformative power of education in a diverse and dynamic downtown environment. The Capsule team delivered a thorough process and well-thought-out brand elements while keeping the project on its timeline and budget.

- Deanna Sheely, Chief of Staff and Communications Officer

With excitement and interest from students, faculty and the Minneapolis community at large, Minneapolis College presented its new brand in the Spring of 2018 along with unveiling of can’t-miss signage along Hennepin Avenue. Bookstore merchandise with the new logo has been popular with students and faculty. Accenting Minneapolis College in the wordmark has made it natural for people to adopt the shorter moniker. The rebrand makes it easier than ever for students, alumni and faculty to express the pride they have in their school.

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