Lakewinds Food Co-Op

Lakewinds Food Co-op had a need for a new brand to be brought to life at a newly opened Richfield location. Capsule redesigned the exterior expressions of two older stores, displaying the identity and spirit of the newly developed Lakewinds brand. The result is a fresh look that is on brand for Lakewinds, with clear navigation and an expression that is natural and modern.

The project began with a thorough download of the Lakewinds brand and an expression of needs from the client. The Capsule team then visited all three Lakewinds stores with the client and a sign vendor to assess the current buildings and signage, paying attention to the approach to each by car and by foot. Sightlines, building materials, exterior use, parking and street access were considered when designing the new system.

“We have received such great feedback from both shoppers and community members on the improved aesthetic and investment. Please let the team know we have been so happy!”

Amy Campbell, Marketing Director, Lakewinds Food Co-op

After assessing the customer needs and considering Lakewinds current brand guidelines, a fresh, natural concept using wood accents was chosen.

Capsule worked with the Lakewinds architect Charles Levin Architects to bring the new direction to life.

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